Summer Line

Are you a horn hunting enthusiast and planning to come to Jackson Hole, WY for the 2023 shed hunt on the National Elk Refuge? Portable restrooms, dumpsters for trash and horse stalls will be available. Please, no campfires. If you need a stall reservation to keep your horses overnight, please fill out the form provided below or contact the Teton County Fair Office at fair@tetoncountywy.gov. or call (307) 733-5289.

Stall Reservation Form

2023 Town of Jackson - Staging and Line-Up Information

To make the process of getting participants to public land in an orderly fashion, with as much fairness as possible, the Jackson Police Department (JPD) has developed an online application for all escorted participants to complete. As in years past, participants will be placed in a sequential order and then lead via motorcade fashion by a marked JPD car to the Elk Refuge Road. The National Elk Refuge Road and shed antler collection will remain closed until 0600 hours on May 1, 2023. 

Individuals participating in the motorcade should be aware of the process:

  • Participant position in the motorcade will be determined by your timeliness to submit the online application. The earlier you complete and submit the form, the better spot you get.
  • The motorcade will depart from the Teton County Fairgrounds at approximately 0600 hours on May 1; however, no overnight parking will be allowed until line-up time.
  • The Teton County Fairgrounds will have horse stalls for rent. Please contact the Teton County Fairgrounds to make arrangements (307-733-5289).
  • Participant line-up will not begin until April 30, 2023 at 0800 hours, so there will be no need to show up multiple days ahead of time.  
  • The application form will be accessible April 1st through April 15, 2023. Anyone who does not apply by April 15 will not be given a designated position in the motorcade.
  • All participants wanting first access to the Bridger-Teton National Forest on May 1, 2023 via the National Elk Refuge Road with the JPD motorcade must complete all blank fields on the application and submit the application prior to April 15. 
  • After completing and submitting your application, an automated message will be sent to the email address you provide to inform you the form was accepted. Please ensure the email address is valid. 
  • Participants must register their driver’s license or ID number with the issuing state. The applicant must then present their DL/ID during lineup to claim their position in the motorcade. Failure to present the proper DL/ID will void the applicants spot in the motorcade. 
  • Participants who submitted an application will be emailed again between the dates of April 16-April 29, 2023 to advise them of their position in the motorcade and the timeframe to arrive at the Teton County Fair Grounds parking lot for placement. 
  • Participants who fail to arrive during their line-up timeframe will forfeit their spot in the motorcade. 
  • Overnight vehicle camping is prohibited in all public parking lots and on all public streets within the Town of Jackson; however, this will not apply to motorcade participants on the night of April 30. 
  • Antler hunters wishing to stall their horses prior to the opening antler collection hunt are asked to contact the Teton County Fair Office at (307) 733-5289 to make advanced reservations.  If advanced stall reservations cannot be made, antler hunters are asked to put $20 (cash or check) in the honor box located outside the Fair Office.   Please clean your stall(s) after use; rakes and wheelbarrows are available near the manure dump on the west side of the Grassy Area (map below).

For additional information about staging at the Teton County Fairground parking lot prior to the Elk Shed please call Sgt. Jeromie Traphagan with the Jackson Police Department at (307) 733-1430 or email shedhunt@jacksonwy.gov


Please visit the Town of Jackson Website for all other information regarding the 2023 Jackson Hole Elk Shed Hunt!