Staff Title

Rachel Grimes
RachelFair Manager

A born and raised Jackson Hole native, Rachel spent much of her childhood at the Teton County Fairgrounds! A committed member of Teton County’s 4-H Program for 10 years, Rachel participated in horse, horse judging, swine, photography, and clogging etc. Rachel was an active member of the Teton Barrel Racing Association and spent many nights at the Jackson Hole Rodeo. Rachel also participated in the Teton County Fair & Rodeo Royalty program. When Rachel wasn’t at the Teton County Fairgrounds, her family spent their free time horseback riding, pack tripping and fishing around the mountains of northwest Wyoming. Rachel couldn’t be more pleased about her position with Teton County as it is the perfect opportunity for her to draw on her upbringing and past work experience, all in the name of promoting Jackson’s western heritage.

Hadley Stewart
HadleyAdministrative Assistant

A recent transplant from New Orleans, Hadley spent most of her childhood in the Appalachian Mountains of southwestern Virginia. After attending Virginia Commonwealth University, where she studied photography and biology, she found herself working on a deer ranch in south Texas. This eventually led to an internship at Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. At the zoo, she worked with some pretty incredible creatures including elephants, Amur leopards, and small-clawed otters, but her favorite was Bubba, the grumpy male lion. While in New Orleans, Hadley earned her Masters in Teaching and taught biology in the Treme and Central City neighborhoods. Hadley is excited to finally be out of the heat and humidity of the swamp and is enjoying spending time with her fiance and two dogs, Lucy and Bizzy, in their log cabin in Alta.

Judi Nickell