Royalty Title

Lexi Daugherty
Lexi DaughertyQueen

Lexi is 18 years old and the 
daughter of Deb and Jeff Daugherty

"I am running because I want to see the Teton County Fair/Royalty program revitalized and built into a program that is the pride of this state. I want to see a robust court that girls and young women aspire to join. I want to encourage more girls to get involved because the program makes such a positive differences in the lives of girls."

Jordan Lutz
Jordan LutzSenior Princess

Jordan is 16 years old and the 
daughter of Jeff and Debbie Lutz

Quote:  "Each year this becomes more and more of a passion for me. I believe in and truly love the sport of rodeo. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and love for the sport with everyone I meet. I love representing Teton County Fair & Rodeo because I want to spread my knowledge to educate others about all things rodeo. It is truly an honor to represent our County Fair each year."

Bailey Chamberland
Bailey ChamberlandJunior Princess

Bailey is 13 years old and the daughter of Amy Hindman and Brian Chamberland 

Quote:  "I love Teton County and Rodeo and believe I embody what qualities an ambassador to the sport should have."

Mylie Edwards
Mylie Edwards
Pee Wee Princess

Mylie is 7 years old and the daughter of Brian and Jodi Edwards

Quote:  "I really enjoy smiling and meeting new people while getting a chance to represent my county fair and rodeo."

Ashlyn Chamberland
Ashlyn ChamberlandPee Wee ATtendant PRincess

Ashlyn is 12 years old and the daughter of Brian Chamberland and Amy Hindman

Quote:  "I want to be Peewee Princess because I love rodeo, people and I get to ride my horse."

Chloe Edwards
Chloe EdwardsPee WEe Attendant PRincess

Chloe is 7 years old and the daughter of Brian and Jodi Edwards

Quote:  "I want to spend time at the fair promoting the rodeo and fair activities. I love to smile."

Lucila Scharp
Lucila ScharpFuture Princess

Lucila is 5 years old and the daughter of Shelby and Trey Scharp

Quote:  "I like princesses, horses and I'm good at riding horses."