Completed in 2006, this 49,000 square foot indoor heated arena offers over 27,000 feet of riding space. Throughout the year, the arena serves as a popular venue for horse riding, concerts, rodeos, special events, and, of course, the county fair! Additionally, local groups, such as, 4-H and the Jackson Hole High School use the arena to practice and as a place to showcase their talents. 

Indoor Riding Arena

Another View of the Indoor Riding Arena

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Heritage Arena Fees

Individuals without stock (exclusive use):
$25/hour - maximum $350/day

Individuals with stock (must reserve time):
$30/hour - maximum $350/day

For-profit user groups and events:
$70/hour - $700/day + $1 per ticket or entry

Non-agricultural commercial users:  $1,500/day

Light tokens:  $10/hour

Additional Drag:  $80/hour